Tenant Improvements in Southern California

construction-plansAre you looking to improve your commercial building space and make it more appealing and functional for your tenants? If so, you may want to hire a general contractor to assist with your tenant improvements. Most commercial landlords and building owners want their buildings to have the best and newest appliances, heating and air systems, sound structure and foundation and the best plumbing systems they can afford.

Sometimes, despite a landlord’s best intentions, a space may not be fully functional for the tenant that plans to use it. For this reason, the property owner needs to make changes to encompass their new tenant. These changes may be making fire entrances, installing security features, retrofitting doors and changing walls and flooring. If a commercial business landlord has always rented to restaurant owners, but a new tenant plans to open a quilting shop-changes must be made. These are a form of tenant improvements.

If you’re a landlord or building owner in Southern California, it’s best to hire a general contractor who has experience in tenant improvements. These improvements are usually contracts made between commercial tenants and their landlords. These agreements may be written or may be verbal, but they need to be stated in a tenant work letter. The costs that may accrue for the tenant should be mentioned, as the desired use of the facility, and when the building will be ready for use. General contractors can assist in creating budgets, making timelines and suggestions for space utilization and supplies.

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