Southern California Bathroom Remodeling

A Southern California Bathroom Remodel

A Southern California Bathroom Remodel

Planning a southern California bathroom remodel means needing to be creative and practical in design, functionality and budget considerations. Your dream bathroom may cost more than you can afford, and you’ll need to learn where to cut costs, yet still get the bathroom you desire.

You’ll likely be working with a general contractor when planning your bathroom remodel. The contractor will help walk you throughout the entire process, but it’s important to still understand the bathroom remodel process anyway. Here are a few of the important steps in the bathroom remodel journey that are important to be aware of:

  • Creating a timeline: you’ll want to plan how long it will take to demolish your bathroom, and how long it will take to install new cabinetry, plumbing, drywall and flooring.
  • Add a few extra days for emergencies or plans that go awry. Inevitably something will happen that will slow the process down. This could be the weather, supplies being delayed or something like termites being discovered in the wall.
  • Make sure to have ample cabinet space, because you’ll want plenty of storage. This means having a clutter-free bathroom, and having room for cleaning products, grooming products, toiletries and towels.
  • Decide on a color scheme, including tiles and/or wallpaper. Bathrooms are often done in lighter pastel colors, which people find relaxing.
  • Choose mirrors, lighting and accessories. These pieces will complement your bathroom and bring the entire design together. Make sure to choose complimentary pieces that are within your budget and your design scheme.
  • A Southern California bathroom remodel is both exciting and stressful. Make sure to work with a reputable and licensed contractor. They will help to ensure the work is done correctly and done to your specifications. It’s never to late to have your dream bathroom.

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