Southern California Residential Stucco Services

stuccoThere are so many beneficial reasons to use stucco for your home’s exterior. It’s not only aesthetically appealing; it is also very versatile in its use. Stucco has provided inspiration for many architects and homebuilders in Southern California. They have used stucco alone, and in combination with brick, stone and wood materials.

With unlimited textures and colors, the possibilities are quite endless when choosing stucco as an exterior finish. This is why many Southern Californian residents choose stucco when building their dream homes. Other reasons why stucco is such a popular choice in Southern California are:

  • Stucco is tough, durable and long lasting. Stucco can endure abuse from both wet and dry climates, is resistant to fire and can take abuse from wind and extreme heat.
  • Stucco has a long-term value. It is inexpensive to purchase, apply and will last for many years before needing any maintenance or repair.
  • Stucco is easy and inexpensive to repair.
  • Stucco can be individualized. With the variety of shades and the ease of use, the material is very easy to make unique and creative with each home design.

When most Southern California homes look familiar, it’s easy to stand out with stucco in a unique color or design. Contact Scott McKee Construction today and get a quote for refinishing your home in stucco.

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