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plaster-drywallScott McKee Construction specializes in both plaster and drywall services for homes. Our employees are able to deliver on projects of all sizes, and are constantly working to provide the highest quality and perfection in all of our services. When looking to finish your home’s interior surfaces, it can be a difficult choice to decide how to finish them.

Our company is able to create plastered walls or simple drywall in all types of interior projects. All types of walls have their own benefits. A plaster wall is much thicker than drywall, and is less likely to break over time. Due to their thickness, plaster walls can create quite a nice sound barrier. The two types of plaster available are earthen plasters and lime-based plasters. Earthen plaster is made of clay and natural, non-toxic ingredients. Lime-based plasters, or Venetian plasters, are made of lime, marble, sand and water. It is environmentally friendly, breathable, mold and mildew resistant and also fade resistant.

Drywall is made of gypsum plaster and use to finish building interiors. It is also called sheetrock, plasterboard and wallboard. Drywall is fast and easy to install, much more than traditional plaster. Drywall is stable, easy to repair and fire resistant. Drywall is slightly less durable then plaster, as it is easily able to make holes from doorknobs and other items.

Our professional drywall and plaster professionals can help you pick the right surface for your home’s interiors. We will make sure to go over the benefits of all types of surfaces and what will work best in your home.

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