Southern California Interior Design

A Southern California Interior Design Project

A Southern California Interior Design Project

Interior design is the art of making a space that is both functional and beautiful. Experienced Southern California interior designers know many tricks to enhance the practical functions of a space and also to make the space visually alluring and welcoming. Many general contractors either have interior designers on staff or may work closely with one or two designers with differing skill sets.

Interior designers are experts in the following areas:

  • Lighting: Lighting is the key to function, and can add beauty to any space. Many interior designers know lighting tricks, like hiding lights in cabinets, or using it over artwork or finding lighting fixtures that accent furniture and décor.
  • Floor Planning: Floor planning is one of the most important jobs of an interior decorator. Floor planning includes creating pathways between entrances, around furniture and appliances.
  • Storage: Storage is at the front of all decorators’ minds, as they aim to ensure that their client’s have functional and attractive storage options. Storage space can be utilized in tables, ottomans and storage benches. Decorators also find spaces under stairwells, beds and other unique spaces that may not be common.
  • Color and Accessories: With expertise in planning color pallets, decorators can match or complement all furniture, accessories and home goods to ensure the space is cohesive, comfortable and attractive.

Interior decorators should always be a part of a remodel team. They have an eye for color, can give opinions about functionality and aim to ensure that space is well-utilized and attractive.  Let Scott McKee and his team of interior designers help you with your project today.

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