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custom-doorA front door is usually one of the first things that a house guest sees when approaching your home. Your door should be not only inviting, but should be well-built so as to withstand the elements and daily wear. A custom door is always best as it can be built to match your current home style and materials. We work with the client to ensure that the right materials are utilized, and that the door is designed in a way that meets the clients specific needs.

When a client is not sure of the type of custom door that they want, we usually show them our portfolio in order to get design ideas. Entry doors usually have a wide array of designs and can have different types of hardware. Quality and material type are important considerations when deciding to have a custom door built. Fiberglass is known to be more durable and can help with energy usage reduction. Wood is considered warm and friendly and can be the right choice for an entry door for most projects.

Interior doors are also important to consider as they can bring beauty and value to your hoe. They can be made fashionable and are available in many different materials and styles. Scott McKee Construction can help you in deciding what types of interior and exterior doors you need for your home.

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