Tony Dannan Testimonial

To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing regarding Scott McKee and his performance as our contractor. Our plans to remodel represented the biggest financial commitment of our lifetime, with a financial price tag over a million dollars. So our decision was made after careful evaluation and discernment.

From the beginning, we have felt comfortable with our choice of Scott as our project manager. His bid for our project was $15-20,000 less than most of the others, yet he included expensive roof and air conditioning upgrades that went beyond the plans. From the beginning, we felt a personal commitment from Scott to do the job properly.

When selecting a contractor, we looked for the following qualities

Ability – This was easy. Most contractors know how to do the job, but Scott uses applied knowledge learned from previous projects. His suggestions showed thoughtfulness and skill, and he worked to give us top quality at affordable cost.

Pride and Enthusiasm – When reviewing the job, you got the feeling that Scott was building the home for himself. When he made his proposal, you knew he had invested a lot of time in reviewing the plans. He didn’t merely estimate the cost of the project, but looked for flaws in the plans and ways to improve. Even after construction had begin, Scott continued to look at other construction projects to find good ideas that he could incorporate into ours.

Character is the ability to complete a job after the initial enthusiasm of starting passes. How do you determine Scott’s character? He stayed on top of the job while it’s progressed. But more important, try getting you contractor out of year later, after he’s been paid and a small problem needs correction. Scott will get back to you and fix the problem.

Construction companies have the worst reputations for paying their bills. We checked most of Scott’s suppliers and found that he had an unblemished reputation for paying his bills on time.

Integrity – The only shortcuts Scott took were those that didn’t compromise quality. He used top grade materials, knowing that quality doesn’t cost, in the long run it saves money!

Reliability – Scott promptly returns phone calls and kept our project within the prescribed timetable.

Flexibility – I had some subcontractor whom I wanted to perform some of the specialty work. Scott had no problems working with them, paying them and making sure their quality was up to their standards.

I wish you luck in your upcoming decision to build your home. If you would like to see Scott’s work, my wife or I will gladly show you our home. Our phone number is 310-928-7440. Rest assured that if you choose Scott McKee as the contractor, the work will be done properly and you will be able to erase most of the headaches homeowners experience when remodeling.


Tony Dannan

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