Livesay Testimonial

My husband Jeff and I have had Scott McKee Construction conduct several projects on our home in Long Beach.

Each time, Scott was able to assess our needs, address our concerns, and even help us with design and layout. What I found to be extraordinary about Scott is that each time he assisted us in a project, he took extensive time to understand the outcome we desired for our home.

Depending on our need, he either assisted us in manifesting our vision or, if we needed, his creativity was instrumental in assisting us to develop our vision. Some years the projects were on a smaller scale and other years they were a much larger project.

Whether the job was large or small scale, he was thorough, consistent, reliable and
worked with an immense amount of integrity and work ethic. And of course, his workmanship is outstanding! Scott McKee is a remarkable General Contractor and truly a pleasure to work with.

Kym Livesay
Long Beach, Ca.

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