Koval Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern:

It is truly with the greatest of pleasure that my wife and I are writing to recommend Scott McKee as a General Contractor we hold with the highest regard. Scott has just completed a major renovation on our home. We are completely satisfied with his work. With Scott’s expert advice and professional support, the three month renovation project was completed on time, on budget, and was in fact an exciting and creative experience for my wife and I. I would like to just briefly share with you a little history of our renovation project, and some insight into why we can without hesitation recommend Scott McKee to you.

For quite some time my wife and I discussed our housing options, should we move or should we renovate. The house we lived in felt like a house, adequate but not quite able to meet all of our needs. Once we decided upon renovating the next big step was — finding a general contractor. Second, we heard plenty of horror stories about inept, incompetent, or downright unscrupulous contractors. All the recommendations we received were given to us with some qualifications or explanation of some problems they had experienced during their construction, except for the recommendations we received for Scott McKee.

Scott was referred to us by neighbors, several blocks away from us whom we had never met, but whose renovated house always admired. When we finally stopped to ask who remodeled their home and we got Scott’s name, without hesitation and with the highest of praise.  And we got a tour of the kitchen Scott had renovated, the bathrooms Scott had renovated, the master bedroom Scott had renovated, and the add-on living room which, of course, Scott had done. All told, this couple had hired Scott McKee back four different times, for four different projects. This for my wife and I was the highest recommendation anyone could possibly give.

Our experience with Scott has been as equally satisfying as that of our neighbor. We know when it comes time to renovate any additional areas in our some, Scott will be the contractor we call to do our design and construction. If you too wish to turn your house into a home, as we have just done, I can only recommend you consider Scott McKee. If we can be of any additional assistance in further verifying our confidence in the quality of Scott’s work, or in the quality of the man as a true professional and craftsman, we will be glad to talk with you. We have given permission to Scott to share our phone number with possible clients who are serious about having a job well done.

Dr. James and Marilyn Koval

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