Johnson Testimonial

Review from Larry Johnson in Huntington Beach:

This box is too small to contain my praises for Scott McKee. My last project with SMC was a major home remodel. Scott’s ability to translate our dreams into plans with a budget we could live with was the most artful balancing act I have ever witnessed. We were not always realistic but Scott’s patience with us, his feedback, guidance and creative vision were extraordinary.

We now own the “jewel of the neighborhood” and to this day, people driving by will stop and admire our home. And it was all done within Scott’s original budget, delivered on-time and with constant communication from Scott.

I cannot over emphasize the value of his counsel. His assistance in picking stone, fixtures and even paint colors spared us what could have been painful moments. In talking with many of my friends, I have learned that not every contractor provides that “hand holding” or is even capable of adding the many design touches that Scott added making our project special and unique.

The last thing I would add is what I came to believe of Scott, that his work was not a job but his passion. His single desire was to produce an outcome that would not just meet our needs but exceed our expectations. Looking back, I can now appreciate the many unpaid hours he spent re-working drawings, listening to our ideas and ultimately, translating them into reality.

I do not want to venture into hyperbole. I will close with this offer: I would be willing to speak to you, the reader and if mutually convenient, offer you a tour of my home that you may observe first-hand Scott’s work. I am proud of what was accomplished and Scott deserves his due credit.

Serving: Anaheim, Long Beach, Irvine