Sun Room Additions in Southern California

sun roomGiven the mild climate and the beautiful landscape, sun rooms are one of the most popular room additions in California. Adding a sun room has a number of advantages for the California homeowner, from the practical to the purely fun. A few of them are highlighted below.

Sunny Breakfast Nook

While many homes have a dining room that is separate from the kitchen, it tends to lack windows as well as any type of personality. Adding a sun room, and a favorite dining room table and chairs, along with a few decorations, can make this a popular room to enjoy a meal, any time of the day or night.

Game Room with a Twist

A sunroom can be designed in a variety of ways to meet the homeowners’ desires. While the traditional covered roof continues to be a popular option, a curved roof allows a family to enjoy a view of the outdoors that is unparalleled, and unfettered, by sheetrock. Play pool while looking for constellations in the night sky with this unique type of roof that offers breathtaking views.

Delightful Garden Room

On those cool fall and winter nights when it is better to bring the house plants inside for a few days, adding them to a cozy sun room adds a splash of welcome color. Choosing walls and a ceiling of all glass ensures that the plants still get the sunshine they need.

Adding a sun room to a home in Southern California gives the homeowner one more reason to enjoy their home. In addition, this room can become a great selling point if you decide to purchase another home.

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