Hardscaping and Landscaping the Perfect Southern Californian Garden

hardscaping and landscaping of a southern california home

Southern California Home – Hardscaping and Landscaping

Like many people living in Southern California, you probably like to spend a lot of time outdoors. When at home, this means relaxing and eating in your backyard or garden. Unfortunately many people don’t have an inviting backyard or garden and need a complete overhaul of their exterior space.

A great way to create a more inviting space is to use landscaping and hardscaping techniques to create a comfortable and warm setting. Landscaping relates to the living portions of the yard (i.e., grass, flowers, garden) while hardscaping relates to the non-living parts of the garden, including decks, patios, walkways, water features and statues.

Southern California landscaping ideas to make your yard more comfortable and functional include:

  • Use small potted plants to set the perimeter of the yard.
  • Use large shrubs as fencing and boundaries to separate portions of the yard, or your yard from the neighbor’s yard.
  • Create a walkway using bark or wood chips.
  • Make an arbor using ivy or climbing foliage.
  • Use flowers that accent the color of your home and the natural landscape of Southern California.

If looking to change up your Southern California yard, hardscaping ideas include:

  • Create a large patio or deck that can contain a built-in grill or cooking area.
  • Create walkways where you usually walk in the yard, so they are natural and the areas of the yard flow together easily.
  • Use a style to match your home, for example curved lines and circular patios can add to a modern home. Traditional Southern California homes may work better with straight lines and right angles.
  • Add water features and statues that complement your home, and make sure they aren’t too large for your yard.
  • Use fences as backdrops to climbing ivy or other foliage.
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