Mayfield Testimonial for Job in Progress

Hi Scott,

I’m highly impressed with Nathan, and wanted to make sure I let you know. Please forward this message to him also.

Yesterday, Nathan was a superstar. He handled a tough conversation with the granite guys as if he had doubled his years in experience. There is disagreement in any industry, and most people learn how to manage this kind of conversation later in life. Yesterday, Nathan kept a level-head, and with patience and ease, he insisted the countertop guys redo the measurements. There was a moment of awkwardness, but Nathan didn’t compromise. He stood for integrity, and having the job done the right way. Scott, I was very grateful that you caught the measurements mistake in the photo, and very proud of Nathan handling it. As the homeowner, I feel that you guys are taking very good care of us. Thank you very much.

Good job, Nathan!

Warm regards,

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